Gregory Mermoud

Technical Leader at Cisco

More about me

I'm a Technical Team Leader at Cisco.

My interests lie in the design of real-time distributed systems that leverage machine learning, distributed intelligence and advanced software architectures for delivering unprecedented performance, reliability and scalability.

Experience and Background

My core experience is the design of distributed intelligent systems at all scales (entreprise networks, internet of things, multi-robot systems, micro/nanosystems), from the creation of mathematical models to the development of control software. To this end, I make use of a combination of skills in machine learning, distributed control, probabilistic modeling and simulation, complexity and graph theory.

I love software engineering, especially data-intensive software, real-time systems and data visualization. My primary languages are C++ (template metaprogramming, Boost, Armadillo), Python (pandas, numpy), Javascript and D3. Furthermore, I am an event-driven and reactive architectures enthusiast: node.js, Scala, Akka. I have hands-on experience with constrained and embedded systems, ranging from low-power lossy networks to multi-robot systems.

I authored two books, filed 60+ patents with the USPTO and co-authored 15+ peer-reviewed research papers.

Books, Patents and Publications

My PhD thesis

DARS2010 Proceedings

Issued Patents

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